NO VPN and Occupy bandwidth for long time

14 Apr 2020


Hello everyone,

Recently, in order to give users a better experience, we launched the cloud with large bandwidth cn2 access to China, but due to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan,   cn2 costs are very  expensive .And many people use it to do VPN,  proxy services, causing a lot of our IP to be blocked by gwf in mainland China, and can no longer use the service to other customers. And for a long time Occupying bandwidth resources and affecting the experience of other users. Caused serious losses to us. According to relevant laws and regulations of mainland China and Hong Kong, privately build VPN,It is a threat to the security of the national computer network, so I hereby issue a notice prohibiting the use of cloud servers to build any VPN services, unauthorized VPN building and long-term Occupying network resources, we will slow down speed or even permanently ban vps without notice.


Thank you



Rainbow Network Limited