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关于2024/01/23 彩虹官网故障声明 25 Gen 2024

尊敬的各位用户      我公司官网于2024年1月23日下午 到 1月24日 突然网站无法访问。   具体原因:由于域名组织ICAAN 和域名注册商1API的工作人员失职 误操作导致我公司域名dns失效,以至于我公司网站无法正常访问。 发生问题第一时间 我公司就排查故障 以及联系域名注册服务商沟通 由于时差原因 造成处理恢复速度... Altro »

Identity authentication notice. 2 Ago 2021

Hi   In order to provide better and longer-term services to users, the company has decided to cooperate with the requirements of the Chinese mainland authorities and comply with relevant... Altro »

NO VPN and Occupy bandwidth for long time 14 Apr 2020

hello, Hello everyone, Recently, in order to give users a better experience, we launched the cloud with large bandwidth cn2 access to China, but due to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan,   cn2... Altro »